• Gas Sentinel

    True end to end IPv6 connectivity

  • Wireless gas shut-off off valve for residential & commercial applications

  • Gas Sentinel employs advanced antenna design technology to maximize wireless control range

Gas companies lose up to 2% of revenue each year due to the inability to remotely shut off gas

The Gas Sentinel wireless shut off valve allows a utility provider to control loss of revenue by wirelessly shutting off gas to residential or commercial customers due to non-payment.

The Gas Sentinel valve allows for advanced gas shut-off trigger events to include internal temperature sensors, the status of neighboring Gas Sentinel valves and communications with smoke alarms and first responders.

The Valve

The tamper resistant Gas Sentinel Valve is easy to install, low cost and seamlessly integrates into existing Internet infrastructures via a wireless link.

The Control Software

The Gas Sentinel Control Software is compatible with Windows™, Mac™, Android™ and Linux operating systems and provides valve discovery, valve control, temperature, battery voltage, as well as historical trending.

  • Safe

    State of art magnetic induction technology is used to control the flow of gas and utilizes the latest low voltage integrated circuit technology; completely isolated from the gas chamber

  • Easy to Install

    Standard NPT threaded connections make the valve installation fast and easy and the GAS Sentinel Control Software automatically discovers and registers newly installed valves.

  • Non-proprietary

    Each Gas Sentinel valve has its own IPv6 network address and is wirelessly controlled using Internet Protocol version 6(IPv6) over a standard wireless IEEE 802.15.4g/e link.

  • Tamper Proof

    The Gas Sentinel valve requires an electronic code to be wirelessly sent from an authorized controller for the Gas Sentinel valve to be opened.
    The Gas Sentinel valve will alert the gas company in the event the Gas Sentinel valve is tampered with.

Gas Sentinel